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QuestaBird Upgrade and the Gang-gang Cockatoo Quest

QuestaBird now includes detailed info on all Australian birds, and over half a million species of animals.

An upgraded version of QuestaBird is now available on Google Play. It’s free to download and play. New features include:

– View “what’s near me,” and see the species you’re likely to see, listed from most common to least common.

– Tap any species to view detailed info, including photos, distribution maps and descriptions. Includes all Australian birds and over half a million species of animals.*

– Tap other players’ profiles to view their equipment, transport and species collections.

View a video screencast of the game.

Canberra Ornithological Group (COG) launches the “Gang-Gang Cockatoo Quest” on QuestaBird

As part of its 50th anniversary, the Canberra Ornithologists Group (COG) is using QuestaBird to help collect information about the Gang-gang Cockatoo — the iconic but little understood species of bird that appears in its logo. The Gang-gang, with its red-tufted crown and notoriously loud squawk, holds a special significance in the ACT; and yet there’s very little known about the bird’s abundance or movements. “The Gang-gang Cockatoo Quest” began on February 1 and continues for one year.

For more information about this quest, or about QuestBird in general, please contact us here.

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