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QuestaBird on Google Play

QuestaBird is now available on Google Play!

Visit for all the latest information, including a video screencast of the game, and link to the app. Or download the game directly from Google Play.

QuestaBird is now available on Google Play.

QuestaBird is an outdoor adventure game where players compete by photographing birds in the wild. Join quests, earn gold, buy supplies, gain levels, build your collection – and help document and protect Australia’s biodiversity!

The game includes over 2400 species of bird, with the option to upgrade to over half a million species of animals. Click on any species for detailed information about it.

See which birds are more easily spotted in your location at the current time of year. Submit a new sighting to earn gold. The amount you earn is based on the rarity and distribution of the birds in your location. Use your gold to buy equipment, increase your quests, win rewards and gain new levels.

The game works across all of Australia, with location, date and time recorded with each new sighting. Your sightings, meanwhile, are not only stored locally, but they will become part of Australia’s national database to help record and protect biodiversity.

Launch Your Own Quest!

Are there specific birds – or other wildlife – that you’d like the players of our game to find? Let us add a new quest for you. Just contact us here and we’ll set something up.

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