Project BioD Teaches About Weeds in the ACT/NSW Region of Australia

The Weed Game is now available for beta-play. The game helps teach players to identify the various plants and weeds in their locality.

The Weed Game currently covers the ACT/NSW region, but will be expanding into new regions soon.

The Weed Game — click on the image to play!

The game pits players against a clock as they try to quickly identify the plants — and weeds — of the ACT/NSW region. There are four “life-line” options: Two 50/50s (which remove half of the possible answers), and two which stop the clock. Play it now!
Scoring is calculated based on:

a) How quickly you get a correct answer. Faster equals more points.

b) Whether you can identify the weeds.

The initial version is single player only, with a universal leader board. But we will be adding two-player soon, allowing players to compete against each other.

The game also allows players to upload photos of their local weeds. These photos are then vetted by scientists and can appear in the game.

Perhaps most exciting is how the game platform can be easily configured for other educational topics — not just plants and weeds — and we’ve received some excellent ideas from the community. Thanks for your support!

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