Project BioD

A Literature Review of Bangladesh’s Biodiversity

After a trip to Bangladesh last year, and discussions with numerous experts in the field, it quickly became clear that quite a lot of work had gone into studying Bangladesh’s biodiversity, from many different sources. But there was no index of this information, nowhere to find a complete list of the research that had been done.

So we decided to put together a survey of information source about Bangladesh’s plants, viruses, fungi and invertebrates. With the generous assistance of a dozen or so subject matter experts, from research centers across Bangladesh (and one in Saudi Arabia), the resulting survey catalogues over 50 papers, 120 journals, 25 digital sources, and numerous books, reports, presentations and reference works.

The result of that survey is now available here.

We wish to thank all the researchers, professors and everyone else involved in this project (a list of contributors is here).

The next phase of this project is about maintaining the list and keeping it up to date. New information sources are coming out all the time, and there’s every possibility we’ve missed something in our survey, so please be sure to contact us about any updates, corrections or missing information.

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