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BBOP Standard On Biodiversity Offsets

In July 2012, the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program (BBOP) released a document on ‘Standard on Biodiversity Offsets.’

As stated in the document “ (It)… presents a standard on biodiversity offsets, intended to help determine whether an offset has been designed and subsequently implemented in accordance with the BBOP Principles.”

In the first stage of the Offset Design process, the following key principles are interesting because BioD stresses on the measurability of outcomes as guided by these principles:
1) No Net loss (NNL) (Key Biodiversity Components identified)-BioD enables an exhaustive documentation by multiple stakeholders)
2) Stakeholder participation (Free, prior and informed consent from indigenous peoples whose rights are affected by project and/or offset is to be obtained )-BioD ensures free and active participation of local stakeholders
3) Transparency (Independent review mechanism for offset design, implementation; use of relevant traditional knowledge documented, with approval)-BioD has developed metrics designed to capture data at both micro and macro levels
4) Science and traditional knowledge (Information regularly reported to stakeholders)-BioD ensures data capture in audio, video and text formats to be freely available to stakeholders

In the second or offset implementation stage, the following principles are incorporated into the BioD game mechanism:
1) Stakeholder participation (Implementation roles of stakeholders defined in Biodiversity Offset Management Plan)-BioD incentivizes active participation by stakeholders
2) Long-term outcomes (Monitoring, Evaluation and Adaptive Management; independent auditing of outcomes)-BioD is the designed to enable measurement of all key outcomes

A flow diagram of the assessment process and sequence of addressing the Principles, Criteria and Indicators is listed on page 7:

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